The success behind Dr. Shoyson and Samagra Homoeopathic hospital is attributed to application of true fundamentals of Homoeopathy blending perfectly with latest advances in genetic science along with modern technological advances. Above all, the blessings and knowledge from his parents and grandfather who are pioneers in this field has helped Dr.Shoyson evolve as a leading Homoeopath.

Gene based homoeopathic treatment is the speciality of Samagra Homoeopathic Hospital. Every case is studied in detail by a team of experienced doctors trained under Dr.Shoyson and finally an effective treatment plan is formulated by him. The final selection of remedy is based on individualization of the patient which is nothing but a genetic evaluation of the patient's emotions, mental state, lifestyle, nutrition, physical appearance, physical symptoms and other aspects.


The treatment method followed here is based on principles of Predictive Homoeopathy which is considered as the most advanced form of classical Homoeopathy which can cure even many of the cases termed as incurable by other systems of medicine. Predictive Homoeopathy is a true Hahnemannian method of classical Homoeopathy which combines the authentic principles of Homoeopathy and modern scientific knowledge from Genetics, Embryology, Biochemistry etc. to bring about outstanding cures, zeroing down the chances of failures. Dr.Shoyson's Guru Dr.Prafull Vijayakar, who is considered as the Einstein of Homoeopathy is the founder of Predictive Homoeopathy.


The Samagra Homoeopathic hospital is a Training centre of Predictive Homoeopathy, where hundreds of young homoeopaths have been trained. Dr.Shoyson is also the Managing Partner of the first authorised branch of Predictive Homoeopathy in South India which is running successfully in Vytilla, Kochi. A six months in-house course is being conducted here for learning Predictive Homoeopathy.


Samagra is fully computerised and is using state of the art medical softwares for case evaluation, clinical management and appointments. Patients can book their appointments through an online portal called PRACTO.

Case records are uploaded on an online server so that doctors can access them from anywhere as and when required.

World class homoeopthic softwares like RADAR OPUS and ISIS are being used for case evaluation, remedy selection and research works.


High quality medicines imported from Germany are being used to ensure best results.


Samagra has its own pharmacy where medicines are dispensed with utmost care as per the requirements of each patient, which is an essential part of maintaining quality in Homoeopathic treatment.


A signed receipt along with proper records is given to patients to re-imburse their treatment expenses from their companies.


Samagra offers a dedicated support system to all patients through various means. An Assistant doctor is always available over phone to help patients under treatment. An online support system is also provided to meet the requirements of patients during clinical hours. This will be attended by Text chat/Voice chat/Video chat by an Assistant doctor and Dr. Shoyson will directly answer them if needed.