To Make Appointment

  • New Cases have to talk to the Medical Officer (+91 93874 66622) or Reception (+91-484-2626624 / 4021933 / 6463337) to confirm their appointments as they may require more time for consultation depending upon the nature of the disease.
  • New Patients are requested NOT to book through PRACTO as it is exclusively meant for Follow-up cases.
  • Follow- up Cases can click on PRACTO and choose desired date and time slot to book the appointment with Dr. Shoyson.Kindly note that Follow-up appointment time is only 5 minutes.
  • Follow-up appointments can be done by calling the Reception (+91-484-2626624 / 4021933 / 6463337) OR by clicking on PRACTO .
  • PRACTO is exclusively meant for FOLLOW-UP cases.